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Stupid Young Wife Exposed!

Duration: 36 minutes

Very young attractive newly wed slut just can't seem to commit to her husband. Just after 6 months of marriage, this dirty fucking cunt is fucking another loser behind her husband's back. The guy she is fucking is a complete loser with no money, no job and essentially no fucking future. The funny thing about this situation is that he is moving into a new apartment with no money of his own but money he borrowed from this cheating bitch who also has no job but does seem to have a husband who just gave her a huge amount of money. So not only is she fucking another guy and taking money from her husband to pay for an apartment where she can fuck this piece of shit loser, but she is also such a stupid rotten slut that she actually believes she is getting away with it and has absolutely no fucking clue she is caught on tape and exposed to the world...
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